WordPress Help – Finding Your Way Through The Fog

I gave a presentation at 2 WordCamps last year titled Find WordPress Help and I thought I would update the information to post here.

If you Google “WordPress Help” you will see 541,000,000 results. Confusing? Yes! Unsurmountable? NO!


First off, I am a huge fan of podcasts. Some of the top influencers in WordPress have podcast. I have an iPhone, so for me it is easy to find podcast in iTunes but a simple search will give you plenty of choices.


WordPress.TV is a great learning tool with videos from WordCamps that have taken place all over the world. YouTube has a ton of content also.


There are a lot of groups on Facebook. The list below is just a few.

All About WordPress

WordPress Help and Share

WordPress Security

WordPress Beginner Help

These are mostly closed groups, you will need to make a request to join. This process normally happens quickly.

Before you ask a question on these sites or any forum you may be a member of, do your research first. Try to find the answer on your own.

WordPress News

WP Tavern has daily post about several different aspects of WordPress. They also have a weekly podcast, WordPress Weekly, which is about an hour long. Jeff Chandler, Sarah Gooding and Marcus Couch create great content and the site is worth the time to visit on a daily basis.

Post Status is a site for WordPress professionals but beginners or users can still gain a lot of knowledge from the site. Brian Krogsgard, Katie Richards, Joe Hoyle and Japh Thomson do a great job getting news out. They also have a podcast.

Torquemag.io is another WordPress news site. WP Engine owns the site so you know it is just as dedicated as the websites above.

Websites About WordPress

I know that there are a lot of websites that cover various aspects of WordPress. Here are 3 of my favorites. I will post more as time allows.

WP Beginner

Your Website Engineer


That about covers everything for today. Check back next week.

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