Me and Global WordPress Translation Day 2

About 3 months before GWTD 2 was to take place, I contacted Petya Raykovska about the possibility of recording short Skype interviews with several of the teams that were to be involved. Petya is a part of the WordPress Polyglots Team and is very active in the translation efforts.

I was able to obtain contact information for the teams from information contained within the Polyglots P2 page on I contacted 25 groups and was able to connect with 16 on November 12th. I used Skype to contact the groups and Ecamm to record the calls.

Although it wasn’t as much help as I first thought, I made 2 maps and marked the cities and the people I was going to contact. I was able to print two 24″ x 35″ maps which made it easier to mark up and to read. But as it turned out the calls were scattered throughout different times of the day (or morning for me) and the map wasn’t much help. But it did make a nice visual reference.

The map I created for GWTD 2

Here are the two videos I put together which are published on WordPress TV.

Each videos is about 50 minutes long and a list of the people and countries I contacted is listed in the description of the video.

I met and talked with a lot of great people during the night and morning hours. From Japan to Russia to South Africa to Italy and points in between. I was able to contact some of the people I missed and interviewed them a few weeks later. To say I had a good time is an understatement.

Thanks to all who participated.