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I think I have found my niche or Home in WordPress.

About 2 years ago I contacted WordPress TV. I had been looking for a way to give back to the WordPress Community for a while. I had volunteered at various WordCamps. Helping out with registration, directions, setting up video cameras, etc. BUT it did not seem to be enough. I wanted (needed) to do more. Looking over the Get Involved page on the WordPress website, I read about several of groups that you can get involved with. Any coding skills that I had were lost in the mid 1980’s when I stopped working in a programming environment and started a business in the surveying field.

wptv page

I began helping out by moderating videos that had been submitted to the WordPress TV website. Team meetings were held weekly on an IRC channel (this was before Slack). Since then I have progressed to editing WordCamp videos, cutting in slides and actually creating videos such as How To’s.

There have been a lot of changes in the short time that I have been involved with the team. Improvements in camera kit instructions, better communication with various parts of the Community, contacting organizers about camera kits prior to WordCamps.


Most recently WordCamp videos are being uploaded to the Official WordPress TV YouTube Video Channel. This process is currently being done manually. Download a video from WPTV, upload to YouTube, add the title, meta data, tags, etc. A process to automate this process is being worked on.

Videos from WordCamps US, Berlin, Toronto, Krakow, Japan and Las Vegas are currently available.

Team communication is much improved with the use of Slack. Also the team’s Community page is being used more and more.

The WordPress TV Team is made up of a great bunch of people that are located around the world. The team leader is employed by Automattic.

Over the 2 years that I have been involved with WordPress TV, I am still eager to work on videos, create videos, speak at WordCamps.I have never felt like I was taking too much responsibility or getting burned out. Right now is a slow time for the team. Videos from 2015 have mostly been uploaded and WordCamps are just getting started for 2016.

One thing that I am thrilled about is the number of videos published on WPTV. For 2015, 1349 videos from WordCamps have been published. This is compared to 977 videos for 2014. I feel that this increase is a direct result in the improved documentation and communication efforts of the team.

So with WordCamps getting started for 2016, I have committed to one WordCamp to help out with the cameras. I was able to attend 6 WordCamps in 2015. I highly doubt if I will be able to attend that many this year but I am shooting for 4 WordCamps.