WordPress versus Drupal

I just ran across something that hit me right between the eyes and I wanted to get this published while these thoughts are racing through my mind. This not really a post about WordPress versus Drupal. I was doing some research for a presentation I am putting together and ran across this article in the search results.

The article is located at this URL: https://groups.drupal.org/node/136294

The author painted a dismal picture of the Drupal community and it is very evident that it pains him to do so. Read the entire article AND the comments! This article gave me some insight into what is happening in the Drupal world.

I had tried Drupal several years ago but it just didn’t click for me. The same thing with Joomla. The first time I tried WordPress, I had a local install and was able to see right away how quickly I could get a website up and running.

I did a quick search about the website market share of content management systems and found out that 62% of websites do not use any type of CMS. As we have heard before, WordPress powers 23% of the web. Joomla comes in at 3% and Drupal sits at 2%

Last Sunday I watched the video of Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp San Fransisco



You can view the video on WordPress TV using this link: https://wordpress.tv

I was very impressed with what is happening at WordPress on a global basis.

I have given a handful of presentations at WordCamps and have always made a statement that I am a ‘user’ and not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. If WordPress was a mountain and people were climbing to the top, learning as the went, I would be ten feet from the bottom (undoubtedly gasping for breath and smoking a cigarette).

The video of the State of the Word 2014 combined with the above mentioned Drupal article, has made me very aware that WordPress is about to see an explosion of growth.