Good Habits

If a person pays attention to the different WordPress groups on Facebook, the discussions on Twitter or after attending a WordCamp, one thing that they will walk away with are tips for Good Habits!


I consider myself somewhat of a backup knut (get it? knut – wpknut HA!), well as far as data is considered. I never gave much thought about backing up my WordPress websites. After attending WordCamp Dayton, I heard a lot of good things a backup plugin. I bought the plugin and installed it on my sites. So after all of these years, I am getting in a a good habit for backups.

Theme Removal

I have heard on more than one occasion that you should remove unused themes from your WordPress site. I had done this on some of my sites but after upgrading to 3.9, I went to remove some unused themes and I did not see the delete button. After some exploring and a Google search I found what I needed.

After going to your themes page hover over an unused theme.


A button appears to see more options. Click and go to the next screen.


A button in the lower right corner will delete the unused theme.

Locked out

A couple of weeks ago, I started getting emails about a user was locked out of the site because of repeated login attempts. I tried to login to the site but was not successful. After repeated attempts, I figure out a way to  login.

I went to my cPanel.


I drilled down to the WPcontent folder and the the Plugin folder. I renamed the security folder to OLD****.

I then able to login to the site. I immediately went to the USER section on the Dashboard. I then spotted the problem.


I had not registered any additional user and had left the admin user name as the default name which was used on all of my post. I created a new user with admin rights, logged out and the logged in using the new admin user. I deleted the original user name, went back to the cPanel and fixed the plugin folder name.


So, I fixed a problem without having to go to one of the groups I belong to.


For me, WordCamp Columbus is my next WordPress event. This event is being held on August 1st thru the 3rd. I submitted to present two of different sessions. If I don’t speak, I will volunteer.  After Columbus I will try to attend one more WordCamp this year.