WordCamp Dayton – Day 1


That pretty much sums up what I experienced after arriving at Wright State University and registered at WordCamp Dayton.

I did not leave as early as I had planned. I wanted to see my daughter, Jessica and my granddaughter for a few minutes. Then I wanted to spend a little time with my son, Michael, who is a special needs child. Well, not a child exactly, he is 31 and  6 foot 4 inches tall but any parent will know what I mean.

So I got checked in about 11:00 and ran into Matt Cram, who I had met last year at WordCamp Columbus. We spent a takes to a lot of different people throughout the day and in fact I did not get in to see any of the afternoon session on eCommerce, SEO and Social Networking that was being done by Earl Gregorich. I’ll have to catch that another day.

I did get to spend time talking with Dustin Hartzler, Nile Flores, Kim Castleberry and others. Unintentionally I picked up a lot of information (well to me anyway) about the WordPress organization and the many different people and departments (if you will).

Eventually it was time to go to the speakers dinner which was held at Giovanni’s in Fairborn. About 25 people were in attendance. A good time was had by all! Great food  conversations!

Nathan DriverNowell VanHoeson and their grip of volunteers have done a great job of putting WordCamp Dayton together.

I am certain looking forward to day 2!