Website Migration

At the end of April 2017, I was ready to pull the trigger on migrating my work website to a new hosting company. Probably some background information before I get to the main part of the story.

Since 2001, we had 2 of our personal servers located at a local business who offered “on site” hosting. At the time it seemed convenient to have our own hardware AND have easy access to the server in case we had to do any equipment upgrades or software installs. We did have two special programs installed on the Windows servers. One program was an online database that contained property ownership information. The other was an online mapping program which was part of the AutoDesk group, the same company that markets AutoCad.

We found out early this year that the owner of the company was going to retire, move to a smaller office and sell his building. So we had plenty of time to prepare for the move.

Our domain name was through GoDaddy, so I decided to stay with them as a hosting provider. I knew that I would not be able to setup our site without using the same domain name , so I decided on a date to make the switch.

So on that date, I set the NAMESERVER to point to GoDaddy and created a WordPress site on GoDaddy. I started to migrate our website info.

Things did not go as planned but that all my fault. I ended up taking a backup of our website, importing it into ServerPress and then exporting to our site on GoDaddy. I had to do some manual changes because I did not follow the instructions of ServerPress but again, that was my fault Most of the work was changing hyperlinks.

All in all the experience with GoDaddy has been a positive one. No complaints, more of a lack of knowledge on my part. I did have problems with our email switch over but GoDaddy was able to walk me through that process.