3 Into 1

In the span of a few days I received the notice that 3 of my domain names were up for renewal. Also, I knew that my hosting plans for 2 of those were going to renewed during the same time period.

I had recently read an article on torquemag.io explain the process of obtaining a .blog domain name. You can the article here:

Get Your .blog Domain This Week

So, I followed the instructions and found out that this domain name was available. Even at $30 a year I would be saving money because I was giving up 3 domain names and 2 hosting plans. I could use this domain on a shared hosting plan that I was already paying for.

Getting the domain name registered took a little longer than usual but I was finally able to get through it. Then it was a simple (LOL) matter of getting the domain name point to my hosting company and get WordPress installed. It took some time to get this part working and i had to use Live Chat to get the NameServers but after waiting an hour or so, I was up and running.

A few days later I got an email from help@wordpress.sawbuck.com telling me that I had to do another verification procedure to finalize my .blog registrations. I thought this was spam and was prepared to ignore it but luckily I posted a question on the All About WordPress group on Facebook. Nile Flores (who was attending WordCamp US) replied that it was in fact not spam and it was OK to take the steps for verification. Thanks Nile!

So, I imported 2 of the 3 blogs into this one and am working on getting the third blog merged. The 3 sites were johnparkinson.me, wpknut.com and wpoldfart.com.

I have gotten into the habit of blogging on a regular basis with my volunteering at WordPress TV, so I am thinking this may be a good chance to help me sharpen my writing skills (which I need). You can see the blog here:

WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/12/02

Also, I have been doing some webcasting for WordPress TV. You can see examples below.



WordPress TV Webcasting

WordPress Community Interviews

As part of the WordPress TV team, one of my current duties (recently) has been to create webcast which are interviews with people from around the WordPress world.

It really isn’t a chore for me. Actually it is kind of a dream come true!

For ten years I have wanted to start a podcast or webcast. I had talked on more than one occasion with Daniel Lewis of  Audacity to Podcast. He recommended that I find something that I am passionate about and run with it.


I started out publishing two interviews per week on the WordPress TV Blog page but the general consensus was that having two videos were detracting from each other. So, we started to publish one video per week and the traffic has increased.

The setup that I am using is pretty basic. I have a Macbook Air (not the best for working on videos, I know but that is what I have). I bought a Blue Snowball microphone which has worked out very well.

The majority of interviews are done remotely, so I use Skype or FaceTime. To record the calls, I purchased an app from ecamm. This has worked out very well.

To edit the video I needed something more versatile than the Shotcut program I have been using to process WordPress TV videos. I tried out a trial version of ScreenFlow and ended up purchasing it. It has plenty of features and is fairly easy (for me) to use.

The People

Yes, the most important part has been the people. 

I must say that contacting people around the world has been the easy part. Most times it will take a couple of weeks (or longer) to get schedules to fit and make time for the interview. Everybody that I have contacted have been excited about the interview.

The length of the interviews has been running between 10 and 12 minutes (after processing). I do like to chat for a few minutes before and after, so the total time spent on a call might be 20 minutes or more.

This has been a great experience for me and something that I look forward to each week. I learn something new each day, get to talk with interesting people and make my little corner of the WordPress world bigger.

You can see some of the interviews here at WordPress TV.