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So, I recorded a video with Tammie Lister yesterday about the Gutenberg Editor and used this website. Below is the finished video….

The Story of Bob

A story by Camryn Uscio and John Parkinson.

“Bob, get up!”


Bob rolled over in bed, hearing his mother calling for him to get out of bed. He started to go back to sleep but then he remembered that today was the first day of school!

Yes! Bob jumped out of bed and ran downstairs where is mother was waiting for him. He looked at the kitchen table and saw that his mother had his breakfast ready to eat. Bob sat down and started eating his cereal. He told his mommy that he was happy that today was the day he would finally get to go to school!

Bob finally got to school. He was so exited to meet his teacher! When he got to his classroom his teacher was not there! On the first day of school!
Instead of Mrs.Smith he had a really mean substitute. Bob got really mad!
The substitute teachers name was Mrs. Meanface. She had a REALLY mean face and she was very loud! Everybody in Bob's class was scared of her. Some kids cried when she talked.

Finally it was lunch time and the kids went to the cafeteria. Bob opened his lunch.There was his favorite sandwich, carrots, celery and an…….ONION! Bob's mommy put an onion in his lunch instead of an apple!

Bob did not know what to do. He took the onion up to Mrs. Meanface to show her. He held the onion up to her even though he was scared. Mrs. Meanface looked down at Bob, a frown on her face and said"What do you want Bob?" Bob just stood there with the onion in his hand. He didn't know what to say.

Mrs.Meanface took the onion from bob. Several seconds went by and she started to smile. "Bob, I love onions, how did you know?' She took a great big bite and had a great big smile on her face!

“Mmmmmm,I love onions Bob! You made me a very happy substitute teacher today!"

Bob came back from lunch and recess. And Mrs.Meanface turned into Mrs.Happyface! And it turned out to be the best day of school!

The end!