Because That Is What We Do

After I had related a conversation I had over the weekend, she asked me why I would offer to do that for someone that I “barely” (her words) know. My answer was “Because That Is What We Do”.

I attended WordCamp NEO last weekend. As always it is a chance to catch up old friends and meet new ones too!

During the course of the second day, I had a conversation with a friend who was going to have to prepare a video that was going to be part of a presentation they would be doing on Tuesday of this week. I told them not to hesitate to contact me if they needed any help with their video. Not that I am an expert in preparing videos for presentations or anything like that but I could tell that they were not comfortable with the idea.

The person didn’t call so I assume everything went according to plan.

As I was relating this story late on Sunday after driving home, I was asked “Why?”

I didn’t hesitate at all. Because That Is What We Do!

Just like when my friend was telling me about this project and his unease about trying to create a video for his presentation. I didn’t hesitate. “If there is anything you need help with, I can try.”

Why? Well, this is the WordPress Community, you see. That’s it! No other reason needs to be given. Help and advice are freely offered.

This is what makes the WordPress Community so very special. People of different skill levels can meet, become friends, have honest discussions, eat dinner together, etc.

And don’t forget! This community is global! This is something that I had to get used to. With my volunteering with WordPress TV, I had to learn to expand my thinking. Almost half of the WordCamps held in 2015 were non US based. WordCamp Europe has over 2200 tickets sold (I think). This will be the largest WordCamp to date. So I had to modify my idea of “what WordPress is” in order to  become more involved in my volunteer efforts.