An Awesome Year

Yes, it was most certainly an awesome year! Awesome WordPress that is! I decided to launch this website after talking to 2 Automattic Happiness Engineers at a WordCamp (I wish I could remember their names, BUT after all, I am and OLD FART). So, I know the direction that I want to go towards as far as the information that I publish and am setting up several post that will be published in the upcoming weeks.

So here we go!


I was able to attend 6 WordCamps starting with WordCamp St. Louis in early March and ending with WordCamp US in December. I probably should not count WordCamp US because I had to leave about noon on Friday BUT I attended the 2 days of the Community Summit, so I am going to count that.

WordPress Help

It doesn’t happen very often but I was recently asked to help a friend of mine who is has a couple of WordPress websites.


I was able to respond with several links to WordCamps and Meetups that are fairly local to our area. Also, I sent several to some of the WordPress related websites that I visit on a regular basis.

Like I said it, doesn’t happen very often but when it does I try to respond quickly and then do a followup a few days later.

WordPress Communities

I have been volunteering with one of the WordPress Communities for abut 2 years now. I spend 2 to 4 hours a week on projects. For me, its not hard to find time to volunteer because I am an early riser and I like to work when the house is quiet.For anybody who has any desire to help out with WordPress, don’t be afraid to look at the several groups listed on the page.

And Finally

Happy Birthday to Jeff Chandler and Mitch Canter. You 2 are well on your way to being Old Farts! HA!

Old Fart Tips

Life Tip: Never pass up a chance to pee and never trust a fart
Tech Tip: WTF does not mean Wow That’s Fantastic