Me & WordPress.TV

I have been keeping busy volunteering with WordPress.TV and have really enjoyed myself.

It has been almost a month since I attended WordCamp North Canton and about two and a half months since WordCamps St. Louis and Dayton in March.

At WordCamp North Canton I gave a presentation on WordPress.TV and I was able to unveil a new plugin that was developed by Kyle Maurer. The plugin enables user to display WordCamp videos that are relevant to the screen they are on while logged into their WordPress website.

Although my presentation only had 8 people ( I was in a tough time slot on Saturday sessions at 1:00 – see the schedule) I had a great time with the presentation and had some great questions.

I was accepted to speak at WordCamp Columbus on the Sunday Contributor Day and am a little nervous about that. From what I understand, this will be mostly designers and developers (compared to me being a “user”) so I am planning on adding some more technical information to my presentation.

I have been volunteering with WordPress.TV for slightly more than a year and I certainly learned a lot. I started off moderating videos that were in the pending queue have moved on to actually editing videos that have been submitted by WordCamps and inserting slides. I use a program called Shotcut and it is fairly easy to use once you learn about the settings.

The WordPress.TV leaders are encouraging the creation of screencast that would be short instructional videos for different parts of the Dashboard. This has worked out very well for me because I have been very interested in creating screencast or podcast for several years.

The first WordCamp I attended was Columbus in 2010 and it was actually a combined camp with podcamp / WordCamp. Since that time the foundation has not allowed combined camps. I was, at the time, mainly interested in podcasting and I just happened to sit in on a presentation by Mitch Canter of This got me started on WordPress but I always had in the back of mind that I wanted to do some podcasting. So it looks like I have my chance with the screencast for WordPress.TV and I am eager to contribute!