WordCamp Dayton

In a little less than 36 hours I will be on my way to WordCamp Dayton for 2 days filled with WordPress knowledge! This is about a 3 hour drive for me. Having WordCamps close to home is fantastic!

WordCamp Dayton Presenting
WordCamp Dayton Presenting

I will be presenting on Saturday at 10:00 AM about beginners finding WordPress help. I had originally wanted to collect information about websites and use this on my website but after getting started, I thought this might be a good presentation at a WordCamp. I had asked Nile Flores for some information on websites that she thought offered WordPress information and she kindly replied with several suggestions. I am very grateful for her input.

When the WordCamp Dayton website opened for speakers, I submitted my idea and was happy that it was accepted.

Now the real work began!

As I looked over the presentation that I had created (up to that point), I came to the conclusion that I could do much better and completely scrapped the work that I had done.

I read a post on Chris Lema’s website about preparing a presentation and that it can take 20 to 30 hours of prep time to create a one hour talk. After rebuilding my presentation, I can certainly agree with that.

The organizers of WordCamp Dayton have followed an idea from WordCamp Sydney and have a game called WordCamp Bingo. The idea is to have people interact even more. Details for this game can be seen at http://2014.dayton.wordcamp.org/wcdayton-bingo/ Looks like a lot of fun and I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people!

Looking over the schedule for presentations, I can see some ‘aww shit’ moments during Saturday. ‘Aww shit’ moments are a syndrome that happen during WordCamps. It happens when there are 2 great presentations in the same time slots. Thankfully a lot of speakers post their slides after presentation so I can still get some information even though I am unable to sit in on the talks.

Gas prices have risen over the last couple of weeks, so making this trip is not getting any cheaper. BUT I have paid some big bucks for some lousy tech events in years past and I can honestly say that WordCamps offer value far beyond any cost that are incurred.

So, I am looking forward to this weekend and many other weekends this year as I look ahead at some of the other WordCamps being offered.

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