I am Thankful For….


I happened to be on Twitter this evening when I saw a tweet by @wptavern as seen in the picture above.

In my little corner of the WorldPress world, I am thankful for:

John Sterrett, who asked me to check out WordPress and see if we could adapt a club website to WordPress.

To the organizers of WordCamps like Angie Meeker, Andy Staple and Joe Rosza! So many people working so hard to bring quality events to users at a low cost. The volunteers who work tirelessly to make sure the event goes off without a hitch (or appears to). The speakers who deliver quality sessions. AND the attendees! Meeting old friends and meeting new ones is as big of a part of WordCamps as the actual learning experience.

People who publish great content that makes me want to learn and improve my work with WordPress. People like Syed Balkhi of wpbeginner, Nile Flores of blondish.net, Jeff Chandler of wptavern, Dustin Hartzler of yourwebsiteengineer and many others too numerous to name.

I started off using WordPress about 5 years ago. A few months later, I registered my first domain name and started my own website. Now I actively maintain 5 websites and help with 2 others. I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert. I am a WordPress user. I try to improve and increase my knowledge every month.

So, I have much to be thankful for as a WordPress user. I really need to make an effort to let people know that I appreciate what they do, the content they publish and the knowledge they so freely distribute.

Thanks to you all!