Yep, that’s right. T-Shirts!

I like to wear tech related shirts. I have some Microsoft shirts, a couple of Apple shirts, and a TWIT TV polo shirt I received as a Christmas gift from my daughter.

One of the benefits of attending Wordcamps, besides the fantastic content from some great speakers, networking, seeing old friends and making new ones, is the T-Shirts.

WordCamp Buffalo

I have found that wearing a WordCamp T-Shirt can lead to some interesting conversations. “Well, John, what did you do this weekend?” I point to my T-Shirt and say “I was in Buffalo, NY for a one conference on WordPress”. I love it when this is followed by “What’s WordPress”?

Also, a T-Shirt like the ones from WP Engine and Swiftype can lead to the same type of questions.

WP Engine
WP Engine

I gave a presentation at WordCamp Columbus on running WordPress on an USB. I carry 2 or 3 USB’s with an install of WordPress in my laptop case and have demonstrated it on numerous occasions when asked questions.

True Story: I had attended WordCamp North Akron, in Ohio, on May 4th of this year. Their T-Shirt was an orange color with white printing. A few days later I wore the T-Shirt when a lady that I know glanced quickly at the shirt and said “And just what are you Word Champ of?” I grinned, looked at her and said “Apparently reading comprehension!” HA!

A pleasant surprise has been the number of techie friends who have asked if I was a WordPress user. A few of us are trying to put together a MeetUp group.

So, in closing, don’t be surprised about how or where a WordPress question might pop up from. Take advantage of the opportunity, spread the word, or should I say “Spread the WordPress!”