This website is actually 3 combined websites that I had created a few years ago. When the .blog domain names became available it just so happened that I had 3 domain names and 2 hosting plans up for renewal. I decided to combine all 3 into this blog and save a few bucks. Enjoy!


WordCamp Jackson

When I found out that my friend Kyle Maurer was planning a first time  WordCamp in his hometown of Jackson, Michigan I knew I had to make the trip. I have attended WordCamp Ann Arbor the last three or four years but chose to forego that event in favor of Jackson. I asked my son …


That is my son, Michael and I at WordCamp Dayton 2016. He loves to travel with me and has been able to attend a few WordCamps with me. He really enjoys meeting new people and has made some great friends.

I live in eastern Ohio and am the father of Michael and a daughter Jessica. I am the  grandfather to a fantastic 9 year old who I hope to get interested in WordPress one of these days (SOON).

I have been using WordPress since 2010 and became involved in the WordPress TV team in 2014. I was looking for a way to “give back” to the WordPress Community and found out about WordPress TV. I started off moderating videos, then moved on to editing raw videos from WordCamps. Since June of 2016 I have been doing interviews with people all over the world who are involved in WordPress. A few months later in September I took over the WPTV blog which features one or two videos that have been submitted for publication.

i also do a random 2 minute video called WordPress TV Shortz.

Contact Me!

I would love to get some feedback! If you have any ideas for WordPress TV, let me know!